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The JUMP: Underground Hip Hop Show

July 10, 2022 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Ūnōmēné and Ghostlight present, The Jump: Underground Hip Hop Show on July 10, 2022, in Stockton, CA. Doors open at 7:00pm and the show starts at 8:00pm.

This concert is a precursor to a tour featuring Underground Hip Hop Artists from the Bay Area, Foreign Legion, Vocab Slick, and Justin’s Case (a jazzy hip hop group with DJ True Justice, Equipto, Aagee, and MC Pauze). Also live in concert is RMLLW2LLZ out of Louisville, KY, Moon Magic of Sacramento,CA, DJ DS also out of Louisville, KY, and your Host, Z-Man. Opening for these strong and favored artists is Stockton’s youngest and only female Dj, Young Ella Baker, and female rapper, RawNé with a special performance by RawNé and group mates, In Pursuit.

Foreign Legion 

It has been said that Foreign Legion has a, “no-nonsense interpretation of old-school values and aesthetics.” The group formed in 1998 and quickly gained a large street following in Northern California. They keep hopes high infused with positivity and immense love and encouragement. Super dope vibes for any community! Find more info on them here, at their page bombhiphop,

Vocab Slick –
This artist truly takes to the craft as a tool for healing elements. Not only one of the main elements of hip hop, Vocab Slick’s lyricism has provided strength, knowledge, and wisdom for many people beyond himself, using the tool while on his journey of sobriety. On the scene since 2003, and with more than four albums and numerous mixtape songs, you can find his style and work at his website listed above.

Justin’s Case Bio –
Music heals. For some it’s listening to it. For some, it’s creating it. For Bay Area artists Equipto, True Justice, Aagee and MC Pauze, the creation of their new super group Justin’s Case was born from a deep love of music — and an intense, sudden need to heal.

“I was asked to book a handful of shows for Zion-I last summer,” DJ True Justice reminisces, “Mac Mall and San Quinn were on the bill with us, and this was the first time in a year and change that the state was opening back up to live shows. We wanted to do something special.”

Combining a mixture of world music influences, with Equipto’s deeply rooted love of Jazz and the classic Bay Area sensibilities, the group creates a unique sound that

seamlessly flows through a variety of genres and sub-genres. Giving the music, and the live show, a universal appeal. Adding that to socially conscious lyrics that challenge the status quo with lyrical prowess, the group is aiming for the listener who has a discerning ear and a mind that seeks the truth.

“It all happened organically,” says producer Aagee, “from the ‘just in case’ folder that Equipto gave me with acapellas to build around, to us realizing that the stuff we were creating felt new and fresh to us, to finding out that the name Justin had a much deeper meaning to it than we realized. It felt meant to be.”

Justin, meaning fair, or righteous, is definitely well suited to the three artists. Justice and truth, in all its forms, continues to weigh heavy in their influence. That same summer tour had an end result that not only solidified the group’s message, but motivated each of them in some small way.

“It all came together right after our last show with Zumbi of Zion-I on July 24th, 2021 in Nevada City.” Equipto recalls. No one in the group could know that the last show of that tour would be the last show Zumbi would ever play. Less than a month later, on August 13th, Stephen ‘Zumbi’ Gaines was dead at the hands of private security of Alta Bates hospital. The group, whose goals include traveling the world with their music and to make people think, are holding a more personal goal close to their hearts.

“One of the goals is to get Justice for Zumbi. As his case unfolds, we stay on deck to apply pressure, musically – or with direct action. We’ll be there, just in case, until our brother receives justice.”

Equipto, True Justice, MC Pauze and Aagee are Justin’s Case

RMLLW2LLZ –   Pronounced: (Romell with two ‘L’s).
His bio states, “The only thing he believes in more than the music is the culture!” That says a lot as he comes from the midwest and knows the intricacies of urban life. 

His bio tells us, “Growing up in a musical home, including organ lessons starting in the third grade and singing in the school and church choir, it wouldn’t be long before his older now late cousin Maquan Kimmons would introduce a very young Rmllw2llz to hip hop. It was at the tender age of 7-years-old he knew his life would never be same. After a few short weeks of listening to everything from De La Soul to 2 Live Crew and just about everything in between,  young 2llz figured out quickly that this was a culture he could thrive in. Driven by a love for words and a God-given ability to work them into intricate patterns, Rmllw2llz would embark on a musical journey creating lasting memories with beautiful people.

Romell really began to pursue a career as a hip hop artist, crafting radio singles and albums to try for mainstream success. When his Air Force career ended in 2005, with very little success in his hip hop career and a handful of beats from St. Louis born producer Joseph “Joe Black” Finney, Romell moved to Louisville, KY.

“RMLLW2LLZ is instantly a player in hip-hop. With a name and a voice that are hard to forget, his time is now.” – Damien McPherson  Leo Weekly ,
This mixtape propelled him to the front of a hip hop scene in the middle of a rebuild. With that momentum, Rmllw2llz continued to self-release singles, albums and EPs, and he continued to get lots of performances and great reviews that landed him and his rap group, Who Got The Rent Money, a 2016 deal with independent record label Little Heart Records. After the untimely passing of Little Heart owner Bryan Puckette shortly after signing, Rmllw2llz decided to start his own independent record label called Kr8vN8vs Records. “

Moon Magic –
The Hip Hop Witch as she is often referred to, Moon Magic will grace the stages with these amazing legends, as she continues to create history for herself and the women in the craft. She is a fireball on the mic, and along with her live mixing and endless freestyles, she is one with which to reckon. She is a community leader and often organizes amazing events in Sacramento, CA. You do not want to miss this opportunity to vibe and she is definitely ready to vibe ‘witchya’!

She is a jewelry maker, a beat maker, a music maker, a sister in the craft and we are happy to have her performing in Stockton.